Carborythrapy makeover aesthetics

Carboxytherapy is a treatment for medical and aesthetic purposes used many years ago to create irrigation and blood circulation, it consists in the application of carbon dioxide in the form of gas inside the skin. The gas diffuses and oxygenates the tissues to improve the areas in which it works.

Indications of carboxytherapy

In our offices in Miami and Dallas, carboxytherapy is used for the following indications:
Localized fat
Stretch Marks
Fibrosis and irregularities of the skin after surgery
Sagging skin
Cellulite and obesity
Gill Reduction
Reduction sebaceous gland that causes acne

How is carboxytherapy applied?

It is very easily applied with an insulin needle and a specially designed equipment to control the dose of carbon dioxide that is applied by this equipment is also responsible for heating the gas so that pain is not felt during its application.
The flow of the amount of dioxide that is applied depends on the area in which it is applied.

Benefits of carboxytherapy

In Aesthetic Makeover we achieve very effective results with the application of carbon dioxide, with this procedure you can improve the circulation of the skin in the most indicated areas, stimulate the oxidation of fatty acids and accelerate blood flow at the same time as a driver to activate the lymphatic system

In Makeover Esthetics we use carboxytherapy as a companion to many of our procedures for localized fat loss and that quickly stimulates areas of adiposity in the skin. Greatly improves the texture of the skin, after a treatment with carboxytherapy will look smoother and rejuvenated skin. It helps to eliminate cellulite, marks and scars.

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