Ultherapy is the only non-surgical treatment that is completely safe to use for skin tightening and repair the face, neck, chin and forehead. It also improves expression lines and wrinkles in the chest and cleavage.

It is the only Non-surgical Lifting procedure approved by the FDA, its features tighten the skin resulting in the subtraction of years of aging.

Lift your eyes and eyebrows and improve the appearance of tiredness and sagging.

Why is it different from other treatments?

It works in a different way unlike common procedures like radiofrequency, surgery and other technologies, the temperature does not affect the surface of the skin when the transductor sends the ultrasound energy. This energy enters the last layer of the skin and regenerates it by retracting from the inside out.

How many sessions are necessary?

This treatment is recommended once a year in order to purposely promote the creation of collagen in the skin. One session is already enough to create incredible results.

Does this procedure hurt ?

The answer really depends a lot on the sensitivity of each individual patient, since it is a treatment that does not contain needles or abrasion to the skin, the “pain” is bearable.

How long is the procedure and how is the experience?

After cleaning the skin and being able to determine the areas to be treated, ultrasound gel is applied and the machine head is placed right above the skin. Then we will determine the depth of the skin by means of the ultrasound image to place the energy of the treatment effectively under the surface of the skin.

The time of the treatment depends on the area to be treated and your treatment plan. A procedure of 2 areas or more can last around 60 minutes.

Does ultherapy require healing process?

The great advantage of this treatment is that it is generating a scar that is not seen, internal after the skin and does not require rest or extreme care, it can only create a slight swelling or redness for the first day, it is always advisable to use sunscreen after each treatment. We recommend our daily home care products that we recommend with hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamin C, these products can be found at www.makeoevraesthetics.com

Surgery vs ultherapy treatment

Ultherapy treats the deep layer of the skin to regenerate collagen, but does not duplicate the results of cosmetic surgery. However, it is an excellent alternative to improve the appearance of the skin.

How long do the results last?

The duration of the results depends on each patient, the treatment produces more collagen inside, but the aging process of the individual will say how long the visible result will be approximately 2 years, although touch-ups can help to retract those signs of aging.

Who qualifies for Ultherapy?

Any person who is over 30 years of age and has a slight sagging skin or feels less firm, and loose skin under the chin or lines and wrinkles on the chest are signs that a person can be a candidate. However, there are many people who wish to have a facelift that does not qualify for surgery can perform ultherapy to significantly improve their appearance.

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