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Medical Camouflage
This procedure consists of one single session of a medically induced treatment that infuses personalized micro color pigments and vitamins to cover the surface of scars, noticeable discolored areas and stretch marks.
The only virtual body contouring procedure that targets localized fat, tones the muscle, and the skin at the same time.
Non-invasive skin stretch treatment that uses ultrasound technology to tighten and lift the skin of the face and neck.
Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal treatments use light energy to permanently damage or destroy hair follicles usually on the legs, back, underarms, and face—with the goal of preventing hair from growing back.

Makeover Aesthetics has been featured multiple times in influential TV networks like Univision and Telemundo and has supported the career of many Instagram influencers, TV and radio personalities. M.A has not only become a well respected and celebrated brand in the industry but also the premier destination for preventative, corrective skin procedures. Our clinics solely make use of the most innovative laser equipment in the market: Sciton Joule®, which delivers precise results for any skin condition or lesion we are treating (acne, pigmented brown/red lesions, freckles, scars, wrinkles, among many others). We are also a proud provider of Allergan® products, including: Botox®, Juvederm®, Kybella®, and Skinmedica®. Allergan® is a global Pharmaceutical leader that has developed and manufactured the most innovative regenerative medicine products and skincare over the course of the last decade. We specialize in non-invasive treatments for weight loss and fat reduction. These procedures offer a 25-60% reduction in the treated area and guarantee no downtime and maximum comfort. Both our South Florida and Texas locations count with both English and Spanish speaking clinicians, making the experience even more personalized and approachable.

Our products have been specifically formulated with potent natural active ingredients.
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We have expanded our business in order to bring you the best quality procedures and latest technology in the aesthetics medicine field.
Our professionals have earned the trust and admiration of our patients by the strength of their experience and commitment to excellence.

Si las estrías son una preocupación en tu vida, no te pierdas estos tips

Si las estrías son una preocupación en tu vida, no te pierdas la conversación que Aleyda Ortiz tuvo con Valentina Munevar, experta en belleza, con tips maravillosos. Nos vemos en unos minutos, de 1 a 2 PM por Univision Miami.

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Maviel Team Makeover

Born in Venezuela, Maviel is an expert in the area of cosmetology and aesthetics, accumulating more than twelve years of experience in the market.                              Her extensive trajectory has given her an enviable experience within body treatments such as weight loss and body molding. She is the founder of the “Makeover Aesthetics” aesthetic center in the cities of Miami, Florida and Dallas, Texas.

Valentina Team Makeover

Born in Valencia, Venezuela, Valentina has become the founder of the aesthetic center, “Makeover Aesthetics”. Even with his extensive experience in the field of cosmetology and aesthetics, in his search, Munevar encounters a novel technique never before seen in the North American market. This is where Valentina studies and specializes to become the pioneer and expert in the technique of stretch marks camouflage in the United States.


… I have six months coming to Makeover from Boca Raton because I had a little problem with the stretch marks that came out in my breasts since I had a breath and well I was doing several treatments and since Valentina made me the camouflage of striations really that the change has been from notorious, their hands are super professional, they treat me also with a lot of affection when I come to aesthetics, I absolutely recommend it to everyone, life I change too ….

North Carolina

… I come to perform all kinds of procedures here at Makeover and I really recommend them 100, … here you find amazing results, personally I have five months using the anti-stretch cream and I can see an impressive result in the spots of my body after my pregnancy, … any little thing, any stain and imperfection you can get fixed here in this place, I recommend 100 and I am very happy, I feel at home….

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