This Carbon Laser Peel treatment stimulates the production of collagen, this form of laser peel favors the reduction of expression lines, reduces spots caused by the sun, scars caused by acne, and obstructed open pores. This procedure can be performed while the acne bacteria is still active.

The device used to perform this procedure is called Q-Switched, it is a type of ND: Yag laser with 1064nm wavelength. This length allows high level of melanin absorption among other cases of hyperpigmentation. Therefore, laser energy is mostly absorbed in the carbon mask creating a lifting and radiant effect on the skin.


The main benefits of this treatment are:

  • Absorbs fat naturally through active carbon.
  • It expels toxins from the depth of the pores.
  • The skin renewal works directly on spots caused by sun and acne.
  • Destroy dead skin cells effectively for a more even and radiant skin tone.
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